HHPL Pro Coat

  • HHPL PRO COAT is a proportional mix of oxidized bitumen, solvents and other chemical additives recommended for achieving high rust-proof properties.
  • HHPL PRO COAT is recommended as an excellent rust and weather protection paint coating on steel works, metal surfaces, underground/underwater piping and any other machinery with steel fixtures.
  • HHPL PRO COAT is resistant to low concentrations of alkali and acids and can withstand prolong oxidation.

It is suitable for applications to a wide variety of surfaces including Iron, Steel, Lead, Zinc, Aluminium, Concrete, Stone and Brick and is mainly used for:

1. Protective coating of any type of exterior or underground/underwater metal fixtures- – fire escapes, ladders, gutters, pipes, fences, railing and gates etc.
2. A protective coating for concrete structures, stone, brick, concrete screeds and sand/ cement surfaces.

Packaging: 4ltr, 10ltr